Guest post by Lianne Bergeron, who shares her experience as participant of the 1-day-intensive H-CX (Human-Centered Happiness-Contributing) Customer Experience Masterclass in May 2019.

I arrive in Zaandam bright and early on Monday morning.  As I walk into the conference room at the Inntel hotel in Zaandam, I am greeted by a cheerful Rosaria. She has filled the training room with books and resources as well as a myriad of coloured papers and pens. An impressive manual and a coffee mug filled with goodies makes me feel not only welcome but confident that this is going to be a great day.

Our introduction assignment was to bring and talk about an object that represents us and a brand we love and identify with. Rather than telling each other about our background and education, we shared something meaningful, which immediately broke the ice and set the tone for the day.

We had a lot to cover in one day and, after a short overview about why not only Experience but also Happiness matters in Business and is the next competitive advantage, we dug into the H-CX framework.

Pulling together 15+ years of hands-on experience (using her own NPS & CEXP Household Framework ©) and her deep knowledge of CXPA, Forrester and Temkin Group CX frameworks, and Design Thinking tools, Rosaria designed this class around the H-CX framework covering the following disciplines:

  1. Vision & Strategy
  2. Customer/Human understanding and happiness drivers
  3. Experience Design, improvement and innovation
  4. Metric, measurement and ROI
  5. Organizational Enablement & Change Management
  6. Human Centric Culture & Leadership

Split into these disciplines and full of real-life examples, it was easy to pay attention and feel energized. At the end of each section, we were asked to fill in a “MAGICS* Summary & Action Plan” to immediately put our new knowledge and thoughts into a framework.  After a quick stretch, on we went to the next subject area. *MAGICS: Meaningful- Aha Moment, Actionable, Grateful, Inspiring, Challenging, Support Needed.


After a good lunch and a brisk walk outside, we were ready to start-up again and tackle the last 3 sections.

Rosaria continuously shared her insights, experience and knowledge with us and was always happy to answer questions that came up during the day. Adding bits of laughter into the training kept us refreshed.

We ended the day with a mock CCXP exam test to see how far we’d gotten. She shared her own tips and tricks with us about the exam and explained how the questions are formed and what to look out for.

As this was all about CX (and we were the customers in this case), the Masterclass wouldn’t be complete without sharing our experience with each other about the day. We were asked to pick one of the postcards on the table that best represented how we felt about the training. I chose a young girl wearing a helmet and a smile and about to go zip-lining. This Masterclass was about Confidence for me as well as Energy to get zipping.

We left with our diplomas, a gift of her Yellow Goldfish book, as well as a more personal gift (“Words of Wisdom Nurturing Outstanding Wowers”, a collection of Rosaria’s intuitive paintings each with a related inspiring quote) that touched us all. And those were just the material things – the newly gained knowledge, insights, ideas and new connections were even more valuable.


Shortly after the workshop, I’ve received also follow up emails, invitation to linked-in group, a complimentary access to a test exam on the CCXP exam simulator, and a personal thank-you card arriving in my post…


This is one Masterclass that you want to experience yourself!

Meanwhile, here are my AHA moment takeaways:

AND AND – Companies don’t have to choose between being Customer Centric OR Happiness Centric OR Employee Centric. They can be AND AND.

NEEDS – (Customer’s) feelings shouldn’t be looked as positive or negative but more as responses to needs they (we) have and want to fulfill. Unpleasant feelings (like sadness, fear or anger) are felt when given needs are not met.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING – When creating a CJM start with a Centre point and add + 3 steps/touchpoints on one side and 3 steps/touchpoints on the other side.

DATA: What gets measured gets managed!

THE HAT: Have a place for your consumer in every meeting. Give a “hat” to one of the meeting attendees and let them be the voice of the customer.

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