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Delighted you are here and we get to connect! Let’s bring happiness to your business!

I’m Rosaria, a (little Italian) sunshine of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. I’m an HCX Advisor, Certified Happiness Trainer, Speaker, and Author with a mission to bring more happiness in the world one interaction at a time!

Since 2014 I’ve been advising companies and training international professionals on improving Customer Experience. Before that, I have worked in leading companies like Forrester Research, Adobe, and Philips in various customer-facing functions for over ten years.

In these roles, we achieved higher revenue, loyalty, word of mouth, and even lower costs, ultimately driving profits & business growth thanks to improving the customer experience. Clients found my training and advisory services insightful, actionable, and valuable.

Yet, I felt there was something more to the Customer Experience. Something was missing. The focus was on satisfaction, loyalty, and business improvement, rather than elevating and enriching the lives of people. Or even envisioning and striving to create the happiest and most sustainable world we could possibly create.

I’m committed to bringing more happiness into the world by empowering companies to achieve growth, productivity, and profits by cultivating happiness.

Find out how I can help your team with keynotes, training, and advisory services.

We design and create the world we live in. We are all on the same journey. So why not make this journey as extraordinary as we can for each other?

Almost daily we interact with “companies”.  These interactions generate emotions in us and ultimately influence our happiness. When our experience is enriching, we are happy, the employees we interact with are happy and we both start a ripple effect of happiness in the interactions that follow. Unfortunately, we are so used to doing that in auto-pilot mode that we lack conscious awareness of the impact these interactions have on our time, on our happiness, and on our subconscious purchase choices, hence on overall growth. By designing and having mediocre interactions, we are missing out both on economic growth and on a better life. I have seen companies trying to get there but many are stuck in complex indexes, matrixes, and models.

Based on my years of practice, lengthy research, learning, reflection, and co-authoring the Yellow Factor book, I have created a new business model, introduced during a Tedx Talk in 2016: Happiness Driven Growth”, a new life-enriching approach empowering companies to achieve growth, productivity, and prosperity by cultivating happiness.

I believe the future of Customer Experience (CX) is HCX “Human-Centered and Happiness-Contributing Experience” having:

  • Human-Centered business models that see “companies, employees and customers” as human beings with a common shared goal: a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and happy life.
  • Happiness-Contributing companies that design and deliver products, services, and experiences that are meaningful and life-enriching for customers, enabling and empowering their employees to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Another reason for moving in the direction of “Happiness Driven Growth” was personal.

Like many of you, I’ve had my share of struggles in my professional and personal life. 

I’ve taken lessons from burnout and mental health issues and invested in recovery and learning. The Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology, Non-Violent Communication, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Painting have been game-changers for my personal well-being. Daily practices of laughter yoga, qigong, and heart coherence boost my energy and happiness. 

As a passionate life-long learner I dived deep in these modalities and got certified in many. Now in my work, I blend these techniques to help my clients achieve extraordinary results.

My focus is now to help companies maximize happiness (of employees, customers, and society) so that profits and loyalty can follow as a result.

Let’s bring happiness to your business! Work with me!

Here’s how I can help your CX and EX Teams and Leadership


Lighten up your next company event with an inspirational and fun keynote.

Create instant wins for employees with higher energy and motivation.

TOPICS: Happiness Driven Growth in Life and in Business, Emotions 101, Laughter Yoga

Sessions & Playshops

Give your team fun learning experiences with proven tools based on the Science of Happiness.

Ignite their energy with actionable, inspiring, and practical knowledge. 

TOPICS: Customer and Employee Experience, Customer Care, Positive Psychology.

ACTIVITIES: Laughter Yoga, Uppiness Game,  Intuitive Painting


Learn how to thrive with “Happiness Driven Growth” in Business.

Enable your company to deliver remarkable and enriching experiences.

TOPICS: Customer and Employee Experience, Design Thinking and Innovation; Stress Management, Resilience, Joy Blaster; Positive Psychology and Happiness Leadership.


Benefit from a trusted Sparring Partner & Advisor in CX management

Harvest results with our 4 Steps ADVISORY program. Let us help you G.R.O.W.: Ground; Reach up; Operationalize; Wow Blossom.

AREAS: Customer and Employee Experience; Happiness Driven Growth.

When businesses maximize the happiness of the employees, customers and society, profits and loyalty follow as a result. Learn how!

Listen to our clients

“Rosaria’s ability to think along with her customer is amazing. Wow Now workshops are inspiring, interactive and actionable.

I always learn something from her”

Sigrid van Duffel

Customer Loyalty & Engagement Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Wow Now is committed to bringing more happiness into the world by empowering companies to achieve growth, productivity, and profits by cultivating happiness.


  • Science of Happiness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Human-Centered Happiness-Contributing Customer Experience
  • Design Thinking
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Net Promoter Score/System
  • Customer Service
  • Contact Center
  • Software Experience
  • E-commerce




  • Top 33 Inspiring Women In CX To Follow in 2022 – Engati
  • Customer Centricity Awards World Series Judge 2021 & 2022 – ARCET
  • European Customer Centricity Awards Judge 2020, 2021 & 2022 – ARCET
  • North America Customer Awards Judge 2020 & 2022 – ARCET

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Working with Rosaria was a Wow experience. She was focused on customizing the training to our needs and spent a lot of time learning about our company beforehand. Rosaria delivered the content in an inspiring manner, always taking the time to answer questions, provide examples, and to energize the participants.

Ruth Bennour

Customer Experience Manager, HERE

Rosaria’s ability to think along with her customer is amazing. Wow Now-workshops are inspiring, interactive and actionable. I always learn something from her

Sigrid van Duffel

Customer Loyalty & Engagement Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Rosaria is a inspirational person to work with.  She is always thinking of the consumer’s perspective and willing to change any process, no matter how complicated, to improve the consumer experience.  She is passionate about the difference that a great consumer experience can make for companies. She spares no effort to analyze a situation and work out the improvements that will make a difference, from strategic to the smallest operational details.

Laetitia Grammatico

Senior Manager Social Media Consumer Care, Philips

The ability to adjust to the topics we are most interested in, provide best practice examples on these topics and tailor them to our business and what we could do to achieve our goals. I consider your session one of the most useful training we’ve had. We can actually pick a list of things we want to change, improve, discard, implement and we also have been provided with the right methodology to go ahead with these changes.

Themis Karathanos

Customer Insights Analyst , UBM plc

Focused, efficient, insightful. Wow Now HCX Masterclass allows even those in some existing CX practices to gain insight, depth, and additional resources to uplift or mature and expand CX efforts

Luther Siebert

VP Corporate Quality , HERE

Rosaria is a very experienced consultant in the customer service area. She focused in a very short time on the real journey of Italian Wolters Kluwer customers and she was able to address some quick wins to improve the customers’ experience. Besides she gave us the pillars to implement a roadmap of change to allow Italian Customers to become strong promoters of our brand. I really appreciated her assessment and I suggest involving her in your projects in customer service area.

Giovanni Portaluri

Head of Italy Customers and Sales Operations, Wolters Kluwer Italy

Rosaria has an endless customer focus. Good high-level analysis, while practical (to the point and actionable). This gave us a couple of quick wins that we could implement swiftly after her analysis. When you work on something for too long, you miss out on obvious elements. Rosaria is able to pick them up quickly. Also to be able to draw conclusions while data sets are incomplete.

Donald Res

COO, Cleeng

When I think of Rosaria, I see a ball of energy. Passionate about consumer experience and getting things right, when she puts herself to it, she literally rolls herself around or over obstacles and get things moving in the direction they need to go in. She can do a lot with her passion and dedication.

Sarah Papamichalis

Corporate Digital Strategy Director, Phillips

What participants say about our Customer Experience Masterclass:

Useful, learningful, fun,  Anneke Rijk, Nutricia

Inspiring, concrete, energizing, Erik Triepels, DPL

Useful and high level content by two powerful, energetic and wise trainers, Sarah van der Wiel, KPN

Energizing, Actionable, Inspiring, Bo Lakic, KPN

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