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Books by Rosaria Cirillo – available on Amazon & for bulk orders

Passionate about reading and sharing knowledge, Rosaria Cirillo is the author and co-author of multiple books. Find below a complete list of books published and books in the planning.

All the books below are available for individual sales on Amazon. Here is the direct link to Rosaria Cirillo’s author page for each Amazon local shop. All the paperback versions are also available for bulk orders (i.e. if you want to order them for your employees or clients) and usually have a one to two weeks delivery time. Get in touch for a special price.

Business Books

Yellow Factor

There should be a key driving factor in business (and life), and thatʼs Happiness.

We called Yellow Goldfish anytime a business does a little extra to contribute to the happiness of its customers, employees, or society. We have identified nine paths – or Yellow Factor – that we can follow both to contribute to our own happiness and to increase happiness in business to delight the customer and to drive growth, productivity, and prosperity. Even when companies choose other ways than happiness to differentiate themselves, every company and each of us can still have a ☀️Yellow Factor 🌻 and do a little extra that seeds happiness, shines sunlight, and contributes to a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world.

Based on nearly 300 case studies, Yellow Goldfish, published by Stan Phelps and Rosaria Cirillo in September 2018, covers nine ways increasing H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. in business can drive G.R.O.W.T.H., productivity, and prosperity for everyone.

Yellow Factor was published in November 2020 as the revised version of Yellow Goldfish book and it’s available for sales on Amazon & Kindle. Divided into four main sections, Yellow Factor will help you and your company understand WHY happiness in business matters, WHAT you can do to contribute to happiness (of customers, employees and society), and HOW to do so.

Section I outlines the Why. It explores the history and science of happiness and the background of the metaphors behind the Goldfish, the Sunflower, and the color Yellow.

Section II showcases the What. We’ll uncover nine keys for H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S: Health, Autonomy, Purpose, Play, Integrity, Nature, Empathy, Simplicity, and Smile.

Section III explains How. Here we share the process behind developing your Yellow Factor to Drive G.R.O.W.T.H.: Grounding, Reaching-up, Operationalizing, Wowing (or Wow Blossoming), Taking Time, and Harvesting.

Section IV summarizes the key takeaways and provides extra resources and a list of Happiness in Business Trailblazers.

Also available: A blog series containing highlights from the book and a sample keynote about Happiness in business

Format (& ASIN): Paperback (9083082334) & Kindle (B08MVGD9S4)

Publishing date: 15 December & 8 November 2020

Wow Now HCX Masterclass Compendium: Your concise guide to Human-Centered and Happiness-Contributing Experience Leadership

A comprehensive guide to Blossom as HCX Professional. This guide has been created as a compendium and playbook for participants of Wow Now HCX Masterclasses. Nevertheless, it can represent also a standalone compendium including all the CX most essentials concepts for anyone wanting to better understand the disciplines of CX, which elements are part of it, and what are the topics’ knowledge required to prepare for the CCXP exam. The compendium also includes plenty of references to Human-Centered Design and Science of Happiness as these are foundational elements of Rosaria’s approach to CX.

Format (& ASIN): A4 Paperback (9083082326) & Kindle (B08NTS9TX2)

Publishing date: 10 November 2020

Artistic Books

Words of Wisdom Nurturing our World

A collection of intuitive paintings by Rosaria Cirillo and life lessons quotes inspired by each painting.

This book has 40 pages and is filled with 26 original works of art (printed in colors) and inspiring quotes about life, to foster moments of introspection and encourage our personal growth journey. It is the condensed version of “My circle of connections”” including only the paintings and the uplifting quotes.

Format (& ASIN): Paperback (1795440961) & Kindle (B0868XPX5Z)

Publishing date: 8 March 2020

My Circle of Connections: A special memory album for friends

A collection of intuitive paintings by Rosaria Cirillo, life lessons quotes inspired by each painting, and fill-in questions for you and your friends.

This 120 pages “vriendenboek” (something popular in NL for kids) or “friends book for grown-ups“, alternates 26 paintings & 3 fill-in pages, offering the possibility to collect handwritten notes sharing “favorite things” & memories from 25 friends or colleagues and the book owner. Each work of art (printed in colors) has an uplifting quotes about life inspired by the painting, to foster moments of introspection and encourage our personal growth journey.

There is even room for a handwritten dedication and photos of your friends. This album will enrich your life and theirs with colors and inspirational happy notes, help you gain insights about each other, contribute to happiness, and strengthen the bonds in your own circle of connections. And it will foster moments of introspection, inspiring and encouraging your personal growth journey.

Format (& ASIN): Paperback (B0863TKXGY)

Publishing date: 20 March 2020

Multi-authored Books

Cover of Understanding Happiness by Springer

Understanding Happiness. An Explorative View

A book multi-authored with 30 International Science of Happiness experts published by Springer in August 2023. Discusses new fields where happiness can come from, including biological, neurological, and psychological factors. Is an essential source of learning and research for happiness researchers, students, and academicians. Covers a transcultural approach to happiness presented by global leaders and experts. 

Happiness-Driven Growth: Achieving Business Prosperity Through Happiness

Abstract of chapter authored by Rosaria Cirillo Louwman

Combining her philosophical, psychological, and economic knowledge with her experience in business driving change using objective measurements, in this chapter, the author presents the framework of Happiness-Driven Growth, sharing: Why happiness matters for businesses and why companies have the potential, the capability and the responsibility to contribute to people’s happiness. What companies can do to increase the happiness of all their stakeholders, leveraging Happiness as a chemical reaction and feeling triggered through our five senses and Happiness as an emotion in response to our needs and whether they are unmet, met, or exceeded; the author identifies nine ways or factors to blossom toward H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.: Health, Autonomy, Purpose, Play, Integrity, Nature, Empathy, Simplicity, and Smile. How companies can drive the change and pursue Happiness-Driven Growth through six stages of Growth: Grounding, Reaching-up, Operationalising, Wowing (or Wow Blossoming), Taking Time, and Harvesting.

Format: digital and paperback

Publisher: Springer

Publishing date: August 2023

CXPA CX Customer Service

The CXPA CX Book of Knowledge and The CXPA Effective Collaboration Series: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together

In 2022, CXPA published community-developed, consensus resources to help support CX professionals in driving better CX outcomes. 120 authors and editors have been collaborating to publish The CXPA CX Book of Knowledge and a series of monographs written to build understanding and facilitate improved collaboration between specific organizational units and CX teams to deliver improved customer experiences and better business outcomes. 

Rosaria Cirillo has been one of the co-author of the following monograph.


Effective Collaboration Between CX and Customer Service: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together

This monograph focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the customer service department, outlining how CX professionals can work more effectively with their customer service teams to achieve business and customer goals. The book outlines common department structures, business challenges, and success metrics for customer service departments, and explains strategies and tactics CX professionals can use to improve collaboration and achieve shared goals and objectives in improving customer experiences and generating better business outcomes.

Format: digital and paperback

Publisher: CXPA

Publishing date: October 2022

Narrative Books

The Gift of a Connecting Gaze          

A short story of connection with my father while he was sick and I had to leave Italy without knowing if I would be able to fly back on time to see him again.

Format (& ASIN): only Kindle (B079G33F8H)

Publishing date: 30 January 2018

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Happiness Driven Growth.

Love. Pray. Hope. A non-fiction novel.

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