Watch the TEDx talk: Happiness Driven Growth: a new model of business that is life-enriching

On May 7th, 2016, I was honored to have the chance to give a Tedx talk at Tor Vergata in Rome, the University I graduated from with a Master in Business Economics in 2002. TedxTorvergataU 2016 had the theme “New Models of Life. Resist the Usual. Be Unexpected”.

In my talk “Happiness-Driven-Growth: a new model of business which is life-enriching“, I summarized why I believe that:

  • Happiness is the next competitive advantage and it should be the goal of Customer Experience (instead of Loyalty),
  • “Happiness Driven Growth” is the successor of “Customer-Driven Growth”
  • and “Happiness Contribution” the new needed measure to complement of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score), CES (Customer Effort Score) & NPS (Net Promoter Score).

I spoke about Happiness Driven Growth, a revolutionary business model that companies can and should pursue, and a concept that I have been championing for quite some time now. Today I can happily share with you the video of the talk which has just been published on the Tedx channel.

Revenue & growth are consequences of customer choices, which are driven by their happiness. So why is it that when it comes to business & customers, our goal is to maximize loyalty and profit rather than to maximize overall happiness, of customers and employees?

When companies focus on improving Customer Experience, they achieve higher revenue, loyalty, word of mouth, and even lower costs, ultimately driving profits & business growth. What if these benefits could be boosted thanks to a more meaningful purpose?

Happiness Driven Growth business model is the answer.

Share Happiness Driven Growth & share your thoughts!

Watch my TEDx talk where I elaborate on why companies should have a growth model driven by happiness, instead of one based on loyalty and profit, and help me spread Happiness Driven Growth vision by sharing it with one person that may find it interesting too. And share your thoughts…

Does my message resonate with you? Which world would you rather live in? What do you think gets in the way of Happiness Driven Growth?

Let us know in the comments and let’s get a conversation started.

If the message resonates with you and you would like me to bring it directly within your company (i.e. during a Team Summit or other events), get in touch to discuss options.

UPDATE (September 2018): In 2017, I decided to start collecting in a systematic way more examples of companies that are contributing to happiness. That’s when Stan reached out to me to ask for examples of Pink Goldfish, a book he was writing about companies who differentiate by turning their weaknesses into strengths. It was just like the perfect spark at the perfect time. I reached out to Stan to propose a Yellow Goldfish book about companies who are differentiating by contributing to Happiness (of employees, customers or society) and Stan immediately agreed. Yellow Goldfish is the result of collecting and analyzing nearly 300 cases and identifying the common threads. It covers nine ways increasing happiness in business can drive growth, productivity, and prosperity for everyone and it’s available for sales on Amazon. We hope it can help more companies understand WHY happiness in business matters, WHAT they can do to contribute to happiness, and HOW to do so. Find more info and links to various Amazon/Kindles stores here.


Resources that supported this talk preparation

These are some of the courses I have done in 2014-2016, that have supported both my personal growth and my business vision:


These are the amazing coaches that have supported both my personal growth and my preparation for the talk:


These are some of the articles read that supported and inspired my Tedx talk:


What can you do next?

* Check out our keynote, sessions, training, and open programs offering to Nurture your Happiness Driven Growth! If you would like to know more about how to pursue Happiness Driven Growth in your company or would like us to deliver an engaging talk or masterclass about it at your event, get in touch or simply follow Rosaria Cirillo on LinkedIn & Instagram to receive her inspirational DOSE of Happiness. 

**  Sharing is happiness. If my message resonates with you, please help me share it, and let’s start building together the world we wish to live in. Thank you!

*** Yellow Factor is available for sale on Amazon/Kindle. Find links to your local Amazon store here. Did you already enjoy reading Yellow Factor and want to help us inspire more people? Helps us spread the word by sharing the quote that most resonated with you and by posting a picture of you with our book on social media using hashtags: #YFITW #YellowFactorInTheWorld #YellowFactorQuote #choosehappiness

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