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Are you planning a conference or a company event where the audience would benefit from our expertise on Happiness and Customer Experience?

Below you find some examples of talks we have given focused on:

WHY: why does Customer Experience matter? Why should we pursue a Happiness Driven Growth? [See TEDx Talk example]

WHAT: what are the elements you can leverage in your business to contribute to the happiness of customers, employees, and society as your path to growth and profits? [See Yellow Goldfish Talk example]

HOW: how can you use Voice of Customers/Employees and NPS (Net Promoter Score) to turn Data into Insight into Action into Results? [See Hello Customer Talk example]

Would you like to find out more and discuss how can Rosaria add a D.O.S.E. of Happiness and Energy to one of your events? Get in touch with us for options and details.


Links to further reading on “Happiness Driven Growth”

You can read more about our recently published book Yellow Goldfish and order your copy here.

You can read more about our Why and vision about Happiness and Customer Experience in our free NPS & CEXP Toolkit here.

Rosaria Cirillo TEDx talk about Happiness and Customer Experience

Rosaria Cirillo TEDx talk about Happiness ContributionOn May 7th 2016, I was honored to have the chance to present at TedxTorvergataU, with the theme “New Models of Life. Resist the Usual. Be Unexpected”, a summary about why I believe that:

  • Happiness is the next competitive advantage and it should be the goal of Customer Experience (instead of Loyalty),
  • “Happiness Driven Growth” is the successor of “Customer Driven Growth”
  • and “Happiness Contribution” the new needed measure to complement of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score), CES (Customer Effort Score) & NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Want to know more about each of the points above? Check out:

  • The VIDEO of the TEDx talk “Happiness-Driven-Growth: a new model of business which is life-enriching“: watch it below or find out more about it here!
  • Resources that supported and inspired our Tedx talk: see below
  • Our recently published book Yellow Goldfish! This book is the result of collecting and analyzing nearly 300 cases of companies that contribute to our happiness on their path to growth and profit, and of identifying the common threads. It covers nine ways increasing happiness in business can drive growth, productivity and prosperity for everyone and it’s available for sales on Amazon. We hope it can help more companies understand WHY happiness in business mattersWHAT they can do to contribute to happiness, and HOW to do soFind more info and links to various Amazon/Kindles stores here.

If the message resonates with you and you would like me to bring it directly within your company (i.e. during a Team Summit or other events), get in touch to discuss options.

Wow Now talk about Yellow Goldfish & What of Happiness Driven Growth

While we shared the WHY of Happiness Driven Growth during TedxTorvergataU, in the video below “Yellow Goldfish Keynote Why & How extract”, recorded in August 2018 during the Think Outside the Bowl event in US, we share why happiness should be the ultimate goal in business and present an executive summary of the book Yellow Goldfish, covering Why Happiness Driven Growth and why Yellow, then exploring the What sharing two examples (Autonomy and Empathy) of the 9 elements of H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S, and closing explaining the HOW of GROWTH touching on the GE MRI example.

Wow Now talk about the HOW of Happiness Driven Growth

While we shared the WHY of Happiness Driven Growth during TedxTorvergataU, and the WHAT during the Think Outside the Bowl event video, in the video below, recorded in June 2016 during Hello Customer breakfast session in Amsterdam, we share more about the HOW, with concrete and immediately actionable frameworks and best practices for retailers,

Are you wondering:

  • Why does happiness matter as competitive advantage for your company growth?
  • What is happiness from the customer point of view in an interaction with company?
  • How can you use NPS to understand and improve the customer experience they are delivering? 
  • How can you use NPS to drive customer experience that maximise customers & employees happiness, hence loyalty, profit and growth?
  • Which competencies can accelerate your CEXP journey?

Find out some of the answers given to these questions during Wow Now talk about “How to use Voice of Customer to become truly customer-centric and to achieve happiness driven growth”

Resources that supported these talks

These are some of the courses I have done in the last year, that have supported both my personal growth and my business vision:

These are the amazing coaches that have supported both my personal growth and the specific preparation for these talks:

These are some of the articles read that supported and inspired my Tedx talk:

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