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Happiness and Customer Experience Informative and Inspiring Keynote

Are you looking for an inspiring keynote on Laughter Yoga, Customer Experience, or Happiness Driven Growth in Business & Life?

The last three years have been tough!  Working from home has taken a massive toll on all of us with reduced physical and social activities, increased stress, loneliness, and burnout. Employee retention issues are everyday realities. Meanwhile, business priorities got more demanding and challenging. Chances are, you ask yourself “How do I inspire and lift up my team with the limited time and resources when I also need to lift up myself the most while also driving business growth?”

In 2016 I gave a TEDx Talk to introduce my idea of “Happiness Driven Growth” as a successor of “Customer-Driven Growth” for businesses, based on my years of practice, lengthy research, learning, and reflection. Moving in the direction of “Happiness Driven Growth” had also a personal reason. Like many of you, I’ve had my share of struggles in my professional and personal life. I’ve taken lessons from burnout and mental health issues and invested in recovery and learning. Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology, Non-Violent Communication, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Painting have been game-changers for my personal well-being. Daily practices of laughter yoga, qigong, and heart coherence boost my energy and happiness. You can learn about me and my journey here.

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Keeping the current challenges in mind and blending the highlights from the “Happiness Driven Growth” model with the Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology, and Laughter, and years of practice, research, and our recently published book Yellow Factor, I’ve prepared a series of inspiring keynote on “Happiness-Driven Growth”. Find out how each of my keynotes can help your team unlock the inner positive energy, get inspired, and be informed about simple hacks for personal happiness.

Some inspiring keynote topics to choose from


Inspiring Keynote Laughter Yoga


A short, inspiring and fun keynote with an introduction to Laughter Yoga and why it is so beneficial for building resilience and reducing stress (!spoiler alert: because it activates our “Rest and Digest” parasympathetic system).

In this keynote we learn about our body and mind work, and we have a lot of laughter. Literally, and loud!

Let’s boost your energy instantly with the power of smile & laughter!

In this interactive keynote I talk about:

✔  Learn happiness: Uncover the science of happiness and the factors that affect happiness.

✔  Learn laughter: Introduce the special practice and discipline of Laughter Yoga, its benefits on physical and mental health.

✔  Do laughter: Guide a laughter yoga exercise that will help your get energized.

✔  Share laughter: Share ways to make laughter a new habit at your workplace.


This keynote is beneficial for all employees.


Lighten up the participants at your company event.
Create instant wins for employees with higher energy and motivation.


Up to 60-minute interactive, virtual or in-person.


Inspiring keynote Happiness


There should be one key success metric in business, and that’s happiness.

Happy and engaged employees are more creative and productive, have lower turnover and sickness rates, and create the basis for happy customers, which are the most profitable.

In this keynote, we look at the five aspects of happiness, we uncover nine factors that contribute to our happiness, and identify simple strategies to sustain personal happiness, especially in challenging times.

Let’s help your team blossom with the power of awareness!

With business research, real stories, and practical examples, in this keynote I take you on a journey to explore:

 5 aspects of happiness, engagement, and fulfillment: Chemical, Emotional, Sensorial, Neural, and Attitudinal.

 9 factors that contribute to happiness: Health, Autonomy, Purpose, Play, Integrity, Nature, Empathy, Simplicity, Smile.

 Simple actions that you can take to cultivate each 9 factor.


This keynote is beneficial and inspirational for management teams as well as frontline employees


Learn actionable ways to cultivate happiness in daily life.


Up to 60-minute interactive keynote, virtual or in-person.


Inspiring Keynote Happiness in Business TOTB


“Happiness” drives productivity, profitability, and sustainable growth, because happy customers are the most profitable, and happy employees have the highest return on investment. Happiness should be a key metric in business, not only to improve employee retention and drive customer loyalty, but because it impacts the bottom line!

In this keynotes I share why, what, and how “Happiness in Business” drives productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Let’s make the world a happier place and your company more profitable by cultivating happiness!

Sharing business research, success stories, and practical tools, I take you on a journey to explore:

✔ Why does happiness matter as a competitive advantage for your company’s growth?

✔ What is happiness from your customer’s point of view in their interaction with your company?

✔ What are the little extras that businesses can do to increase happiness for their customers, employees, and society?

✔ How can you use customer insights to design and deliver a customer experience that maximizes customer & employee happiness, hence loyalty, profit, and growth?


These keynote series are for management teams as well as frontline employees.


Learn actionable ways to improve the customer experience.


Up to 60-minute interactive keynote, virtual or in-person.

A customized keynote with your team goals in mind can make a great impact!

Listen to our clients:

“This was such a breath of fresh air!! Rosaria really made us laugh and feel light and free, and also connect with each other! Would 100% recommend it to everyone!”

Sofia Kaliarnta-Aalbers

Study Coaching Coordinator at the Creative Business (CB) Program, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Take a step towards improving employee happiness!

Listen to our clients:

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for giving the keynote address on ‘Happiness Driven Growth: A Leadership Approach to Thrive and Flourish in Life and in Business’ at the online International Women’s Day Celebrations organized by the Women’s Development Cell, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, India on 8th March, 2022. Your keynote address was highly enriching and was well received by the audience. Your use of metaphors to explain various concepts as well as sharing your personal experiences enabled the audience to easily understand ideas related to happiness and flourishing with ease which was evident in the highly enriching interactive session following your keynote address. Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring talk”

Pooja V. Anand, PhD

Associate Professor Psychology & Founder India’s first Positive Psychology Center, Daulat Ram College, Univ. of Delhi

I customize the keynotes keeping your group, company, and meeting goals in mind.

Listen to our clients:

“Your session was spot on. It captivated and inspired everyone”

Mareli Smit

Brand Warrior™ Program Director, BrandLove Service Design

“Rosaria, your session was sooo awesome. I learned and re-learned so much. It was a key highlight for me. Thank you for sharing your great insights”

Rita Mureithi

Head Service Excellence, NCBA Group

“You left us very inspired and it was a total mindset shift. Thank you”

Rosalind Gichuru

Group Director, Marketing, Communication and Citizenship, NCBA Group

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Your customer’s perception is their experience reality. All our experiences are about our perception of the world. What does influence such perception? Which role do emotions and needs play?

In this keynote, I show you why emotions matter; what is the link between needs and emotions; what angry customers really feel; and how can you reduce painful and depleting emotions and increase pleasant and enriching emotions for yourself, your customers, and your employees!

Let’s debunk the myth of positive and negative emotions, understanding human needs and perception’s dimension!

Each inspiring keynote is available both virtually & in-person

Boost the energy and motivation of your management team & frontline employees with informative & inspirational keynotes.


TEDx TALK – Inspiring keynote on Happiness Driven Growth

I was honored to have the chance to speak at TedxTorvergataU in May 2016.
In this TEDx Talk, I’ve introduced my idea of “Happiness Driven Growth” as the successor of “Customer-Driven Growth” for businesses.

Place: TEDx TorVergata University, Italy
Theme: “New Models of Life. Resist the Usual. Be Unexpected”


  • Why does Customer Experience matter?
  • Why is happiness the next competitive advantage and why should it be the goal of Customer Experience (instead of Loyalty)?
  • “Happiness Driven Growth” is the successor of “Customer-Driven Growth”
  • Why should we pursue Happiness Driven Growth?
  • “Happiness Contribution” is the new needed measure to complement Customer Satisfaction scores, Customer Effort Scores & Net Promoter Scores.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOWL CONFERENCE Inspiring keynote on Yellow Goldfish


In 2018 I co-authored the book Yellow Goldfish. This book analyzes 300 cases of companies that contribute to our happiness on their path to growth and profit, and identifies the common threads. It covers nine ways to increase happiness in business and drive growth, productivity, and profits.

I spoke at a special event and introduced the Yellow Goldfish Book and my “Happiness Driven Growth” Model.

Place: Durham, North Caroline, USA
Date: August 2018
Theme: Yellow Goldfish Keynote


  • Executive summary of the book, Yellow Goldfish
  • Why happiness should be the ultimate goal in business
  • Why Happiness Driven Growth is the 5.0 of Business
  • What: 9 Elements of Happiness you can leverage in your business to contribute to the happiness of customers, employees, and society as a path to growth and profits
  • How: 6 stages of GROWTH shown through the GE MRI example. 

Are you interested in “Happiness Driven Growth” for your Business?

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