Yellow Goldfish Blog Series

The Yellow Goldfish blog series contains highlights from Yellow Factor book (formerly Yellow Goldfish) by Rosaria Cirillo and Stan Phelps.

There should be one driving factor in business (and life) and that’s Happiness.

A Yellow Goldfish is anytime a business does a little extra to contribute to the happiness of its customers, employees, or society. We have identified nine paths – or Yellow Factor – that we can follow both to contribute to our own happiness and to increase happiness in business to delight the customer and to drive growth, productivity, and prosperity.

Based on nearly 300 case studies, Yellow Goldfish, published by Stan Phelps and Rosaria Cirillo in September 2018, covers nine ways increasing H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. in business can drive G.R.O.W.T.H., productivity and prosperity for everyone.

Yellow Factor was published in November 2020 as the revised version of Yellow Goldfish book and it’s available for sales on Amazon & Kindle. Divided into four main sections, Yellow Factor will help you and your company understand WHY happiness in business matters, WHAT you can do to contribute to happiness (of customers, employees and society), and HOW to do so.

Below you find the posts in the blog series, with the highlights from the book.

Yellow Factor book is the result of collecting and analyzing nearly 300 cases and identifying the common threads. It covers nine ways increasing happiness in business can drive growth, productivity and prosperity for everyone and it’s available for sales on Amazon. We hope it can help more companies understand WHY happiness in business matters, WHAT they can do to contribute to happiness of customers, employees and society, and HOW to do so.

Yellow Factor Cover Ebook

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