The CX Framework series elaborated on the different disciplines related to customer experience. You can use this framework both as a blueprint to prepare for the CXPA exam to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional and as a checklist to review the status of CX in your organization. An adequate and coherent CX Framework has a pivotal role in achieving the company’s financial and growth goals.

Customer experience has a direct impact on revenue. Forrester found that customers who had a better experience with a company said they were less likely to go elsewhere and more likely to recommend it.

Customers’ expectations are increasing. When it comes to helping companies meet customer expectations, customer experience professionals have a critical role. A study carried out by business consultancy Walker suggests that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

There is a lot to learn about customer experience management and how companies can leverage and optimize the customer experience to achieve growth.

Step one? Better understand what it is.

Understanding and managing the CX Framework drives significant value for employees, customers, and shareholders as a result.

Become a true Customer Experience Professional with the CX Masterclass!

Which of the following applies to you?

  • You are the customer experience evangelist in your organisation and work tirelessly to spread the word on a customer-focused mindset
  • One or more of your KPI’s are about happy customers, but your organisation is not yet mature enough to have it fully incorporated in the DNA
  • Customer focus is a priority in the organisation and it is your job to manage the transition
  • You are sure you know all you can possibly know about Customer Experience and you want to get CCXP certified
  • You have a passion for Customer Experience and want to make the world a more beautiful place for customers and employees.

In each of these cases, Wow Now Customer Experience Masterclass is a very helpful and information-packed class available for customer experience professionals, and the first class provided by a CXPA Authorized Resource Trainers (ART) in continental Europe. Find out more information about our CX Masterclass options or get in touch to discuss in-house classes tailor-made to your company needs and audience.

The Customer Experience Masterclass

You may know that the customer experience framework consists of 6 disciplines. These 6 disciplines are also the framework for the MasterClass:

  • CX Strategy. When strategising your customer experience function, you need to know what your organisation stands for and how this appeals to your customers.
  • Customer understanding. To fully cater to your customer’s needs, you need to know who they are exactly and how you can serve them in a way they can appreciate.
  • Experience design, improvement & innovation. Make a customer journey map, improve on the critical decision points and innovate on your processes.
  • Metrics, measurement & ROI. How can you turn a qualitative value as ‘customer experience’ into a quantitative one? By measuring NPS, CSAT and CES and interpreting them accordingly.
  • Organisational adoption and accountability. When you want to become a fully customer centered organisation, it is imperative that everybody is on board and responsible and accountable for their own customer experience KPIs.
  • Culture. Changing the culture of an organisation is one of the hardest things to do, but it is possible to imprint a CX DNA on all employees and colleagues.

All you need to know to lead customer experience transformations. To define your action plan to address your CX challenge and make real changes for your customers.

Preparing for the CXPA Exam to become Certified Customer Experience Professional

When you want to test your knowledge and gain a certification that is recognized worldwide, then passing the CXPA exam to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) is strongly recommended. The first thing you have to do is applying for the exam and complying with the practical requirements before you can take the exam. You will receive the approval of the CXPA and after that, you can book the exam in the CCXP testing centers closer to you. To pass the exam and become a CCXP you need to answer correctly at least 80% of the question (this is a minimum of 56 out of the current 70 multiple choice questions). UPDATE (Nov 2018): as of December 1st 2018, the number of questions will increase to 100, hence requiring 80 correct answers.

But don’t mistake the multiple choice as an easy way to deduct the right answer. Usually one of the possibilities is not really apt, but the other 3 could be the right answer. So you need to have a very strong grasp of the theoretical principles to successfully choose the best suitable answer.

The trainer of this CX Masterclass, Rosaria Cirillo, is CCXP certified as well as A.R.T. (Authorised Resource and Training Provider): she knows exactly what the pitfalls are in the exam and which questions are most likely to feature in the exam. There is no better way to prepare for the exam! So far Rosaria has already prepared 40 CX Professionals – of which 16 already went for the exam and passed it becoming CCXP – during 4 open classes run together with Nienke Bloem, and prepared additionally 36 CX, Sales and Marketing Executives during 3 in-company Masterclasses and these numbers keep growing. Also two of her masterclass’ students, Gayana Helder and Jaap Wilms, not only become CCXP but went on to start their own CX Masterclasses. How cool is that?

Find out more about our CX Masterclass options here.

Book recommendations to prepare for the exam

Please note that links are an affiliate to one of my favorite online shops when it comes to trade off between delivery timing (little longer) versus price (often 15% to 40% off): Book Depository.

The book that is a must-read when it comes to preparing for the exam:

Additional books advised to read to prepare for the exam and/or to increase your CX knowledge:

Additionally, you may find very useful to check the YouTube channel Michael Barlett – creator of the CCXP exam simulator – has made with sample questions and tips. As of 2019 Wow Now CX Masterclass will include also an exam test session using the exam simulator. Find out the next dates here.

Taking the exam

Since July 2017 CXPA has proudly expanded the list of new CCXP testing centers! There has been a major addition of locations, especially in Europe, with 1 exam center in Amsterdam, 4 in Germany, 3 in France and 2 in Italy!!! Check out the full new listing of centers here or start your application here

Curious to know more about the exam itself? Find out from one of our masterclass’s participants her direct experience in an exam center in Amsterdam.

UPDATE (December 2018):

<<As of 1 December 2018, the number of questions on the CCXP exam will increase from 70 to 100 questions. With the increase in the total number of questions, the time to take the exam will also change – from two hours to three hours. Even though the total number of questions has increased, the passing score remains at 80%.>>
On the CXPA website, you can find a dedicated page with a press release, a video interview, new exam resources, and a list of frequently asked questions about the updated exam.

See this 6 minutes video by Michael G. Bartlett sharing more about the exam update and the simulator.

Are you already a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)?

Don’t forget that certification requires renewal every two years. You can read here how to maintain your status or watch a webinar here

What do participants of former Masterclasses say? Customer Feedback

Gayana: “My main objective to attend this CX Masterclass is to prepare for the CCXP exam. But as an advanced CX Professional, this Masterclass also gives me a very clear overview of all the CX disciplines to make sure you have everything in place in your organisation. And I really like how we learn from each other and present cases to get inspired to adopt new initiatives. I sure have a few new ideas!”

Wolf: “I really want to take the exam and by attending this Masterclass, I received massive input, which is great. It is really fun to attend and I believe I now have enough information to be able to do the exam. I feel well prepared and confident in passing it.”

Frederique: “I wanted to learn more about the tools and methodologies used in Customer Experience and I really got what I hoped I would get. I like how all participants have the same passion – having a customer-centric mindset – and that creates a bond. This was a fantastic Masterclass and I highly recommend it to anyone that’s passionate about Customer Experience.”

Find out more about our CX Masterclass options here.

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Customer experience is the perception customers have of the interactions with your company along every touchpoint and communication. Great customer experiences don’t happen by chance, but require the orchestration of 6 disciplines across different team. Would you like to learn more and grow your Customer Experience competences? Join our next CX Masterclass.

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