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  • Have you ever found yourself having to justify why your customer turnover (churn rate) doesn’t improve, and your conversion stays flat?
  • Do you often have dozens of product features requests in the requirements pipeline, with no way to prioritize beyond listening to the team leader who screams the loudest?
  • Do you find yourself unable to make a convincing case for the budget you need? Or do you approve budgets but aren’t convinced the priorities are right?
  • Are decisions in your company about “what the customer wants” based on opinions, instead of data and actionable insight?

Wow Now 4 Steps Methodology

If you have answered Yes to at least one of these questions, the Wow Now 4 Steps consulting program can help you feel:

 My Services and  Products


 To Feel Grounded: analysis

  • Consumer hierarchy of needs pyramid analysis: Wow Now has created its very own proprietary methodology to analyze your customer’s voice as collected in survey data, ranking it using Maslow’s well-known hierarchy of needs. This pyramid of needs will help you to make the connection between what you think is important, and what your customers tell you is important to them: ultimately helping you to prioritize new features, products and services.
  • Net Promoter Score survey design and launch: with more than 10 years’ experience in customer satisfaction and Net Promoter surveys, and a thorough knowledge of available software options, I can help you with every detail of your survey design, methodology and vendor selection.
  • Customer experience market benchmark: today’s customers are global, online and mobile. They shop continuously, their expectations forever changing and rising through experience with other companies. I can run specific benchmark evaluations, looking at what your key competitors offer their customers, and analyzing what that means for you.
  • Persona design: we support you with this together with our specialised partners
  • Customer journey mapping: we support you with this together with our specialised partners

 To Feel Empowered: frameworks & reviews

Frameworks: as both volume and complexity of data and insight grow, companies need and search for methodologies and frameworks that can help them master the complexity and accelerate the journey towards customer excellence. After 10 years of experience driving NPS programs and related changes, Wow Now has developed a proprietary framework

  • NPS Household – Assessment and Journey: 

To be successful in the NPS journey, companies need to build a solid NPS household, block by block, both towards the customers (outside: from NPS survey to Insight, to fire-fighting, to fire-prevention to communication and customer engagement) and within the organization (inside: from NPS team to NPS tool, to financial results to workflow management to action plans to employee engagement). This frameworks starts with an assessment of how you are currently doing of the 7 competences (Align, Measure, Understand, Act, Prevent, Communicate & Govern, WOW) that every company needs to develop and master in order to accelerate the NPS journey towards customer excellence. This helps identify in which status of the NPS Journey (Learn, Tune, Progress, Accelerate, Grow, Transform) your company is and, on this basis, make a concrete plan of activities and focus needed to get you through the next phases of the journey.


Reviews: do you already have everything in place but would like to maximize its effectiveness? Wow Now can help you with a review program. This can include (but is not limited to):

  • NPS survey review: Are you asking a product NPS question or a brand NPS question? Which additional questions are you asking? Are you asking about self-selected drivers? In which order? Just measuring the Net Promoter Score will not help you to understand your customers or make better business decisions; the real power of the Net Promoter Survey is in the second question, proposing the “self-selected drivers”, and in the “free text” comment box.
  • Mystery experience: nearly all my assignments start with me acting as a “mystery customer” going through the entire customer corridor (from research to selection to purchase to product usage to payment and return, where applicable) to experience your company exactly like your customer would – yet seeing it through my customer experience expert, hence pointing out flows which are often missed out by companies operating through departmental silos.
  • Mystery calls: I can also test your agents by calling as a customer. I then feed back on areas requiring attention, such as gaps in knowledge or failure to provide certain forms of support. Such monitoring often throws up badly designed processes and policies which can be reshaped to become more customer-centric.
  • Call coaching legend: do you have a call center in place, whether in-house or outsourced? Do you know about the “legend” used by managers and coaches to rate, review and coach agents? With over six years’ management experience on the call center floor, I can help you review these coaching legends, ensuring that they’re aligned to your strategy and business goals.
  • Mystery shopping legend: do you have retail stores or repair centers? Do you monitor them regularly with mystery shopping programs? Do you know about the legend used to rate, review and coach the stores? I can help you review these coaching legends too.
  • Coaching: do you have sales, customer service or technical support agents (whether in-house or in an outsourced call center) that would benefit from direct coaching to improve their “delivering customer happiness index”? I can come on-site, for one day per month or quarter, to coach your agents. I know that every agent is eager to please customers, and to improve the quality of their conversations; all they need is the right coaching and feedback.

  To Feel Activated to Deliver: workshop & training


Workshops are actually one of my favorite way of working with my clients, because that’s where everything comes together (following the Wow Now 4 steps methodology) and where concrete and simple actions plans are put together ready to be executed the following day. Indeed once you have NPS insight you need to turn into actions that will drive structural changes. One of the most effective way to this is to set-up a workshop with all the key people involved in the key processes requiring changes. Wow Now can drive these workshops for you.

Wow Now workshops usually take place over 1 or 2 days and cover 4 areas:

  • Grounding: in your customers’ personas & experience journey; in your customer input and in NPS insight; in understanding of your current organization;
  • Empowerment: looking at others best practices & at relevant frameworks/methodologies; learning by doing: brainstorming and/or root causes analysis methodology
  • Activation: this part usually starts with an engaging and stimulating activity which then leads to easy and natural idea generation, Idea collection & organization
  • Blossoming: we usually conclude the workshop with 1) evaluation & prioritization of ideas generated; 2) creation of  a simple and realistic action plan that can be executed as of the following day

Below some of the most effective workshop formats already used, following the Wow Now 4 steps process:

  • NPS from Data to Insight to Action: Understanding & fixing NPS Detraction root causes
  • NPS WOW: Turning Passives into Promoters
  • NPS Program acceleration: building the NPS household
  • NPS Continuos change management: NPS Journey & NPS assessment follow-up


Training (in Company – tailored around your needs)

  • Customer Experience: as CCXP, Wow Now can help you grow the knowledge and capabilities of your in house Customer Experience team
  • NPS basics, advanced, change management: as Satmetrix Net Promoter Certified Associate, Wow Now can likely cover all your training needs
  • WOW Sales training: sales training focused on identifying and understanding customer needs, and matching the product or service’s benefits to those needs using empathic communication.
  • WOW Call center NVC-communication training: I know from experience that every agent is eager to please customers, and can struggle to improve the quality of their conversations. What they need is communication training, so they can understand their customers’ feelings and needs, and connect to them with empathy, even when they appear angry. Behind every angry customer is a need not met, and those whose anger is converted to happiness will become your most loyal customers and strong promoters.


Training (open classes with attendees from different companies/background):

Check our dedicated page for details and upcoming Masterclass!


Team event/ Inspire day or Kick-off session

Would you like to arrange a customized workshop tailored to your company/team needs? Have an “inspirational day” or Wow empowered kick-off of the year or of a new project?

Wow Now can build agenda with you, coordinate or generate part or all of the content and drive the workshop for you. If you want, Wow Now can also design a follow-up schedule to ensure actions defined during workshop are done in the agreed timeline.

Beside specific content and structure to be agreed together, Wow Now brings its own energy and flavor to each workshop with the combinations of:

  • Personal characteristics: Energy, drive, inspiration and motivation
  • Specific skills and competences in areas that can strongly enhance team cooperation, stimulate and improve brainstorming and out-of-the-box thinking, generating exceptional results:
    • Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Non Violent Communication
    • Improvisation acting exercises
    • Intuitive painting

To Feel Blossoming and Ready to Deliver WOW: dedicated consultancy


NPS consultancy: with over 10 years experience in international CSAT and NPS programs and as Satmetrix Net Promoter Certified Associate, I can provide extended consultancy on all aspects of your NPS journey.


E-shop consultancy: having played a key role in setting up the Philips Online Shop, and always in pursuit of market best practice (by companies such as Amazon, Zappos and CoolBlue), I can provide extended consultancy on many aspects of the online shopping experience. Here are some examples of projects I have delivered:

  • Consumer Care strategy & roadmap
  • After-sales policies, processes and procedures design
  • Transactional emails
  • E-shop experience & competitors benchmark
  • Shop support page and my account page

Contact center (telesales, customer service and/or technical support) consultancy: with over 10 years experience in telesales & contact center environments (at Forrester, at Stream outsourced call center of Adobe and at Philips as vendor manager of our partner Sitel), and in constant pursuit of market best practice (by companies such as Zappos and KLM), I can provide extended consultancy on many aspects of the contact center experience. Here are some examples of projects I have delivered:

  • Support channel strategy (social, web, e-mail, phone)
  • Set-up & standardization of KPI measurement, reporting and analysis
  • Policies, processes and procedures design

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