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As a CX Professional, you want to deliver the best customer experience as well as increase customer loyalty and revenue or reduce costs, and ideally happy customers and happy employees. These big and hairy goals need to be achieved with limited time and resources. Meanwhile, you need to nurture your well-being, support your team members, and help your company create a positive impact.

I know your challenges well. I have been in your position, and I have supported many CX professionals as an Advisor & Sparring Partner. 

Let’s work together to increase speed, quality, and excellence in the design and delivery of human-centered and happiness-contributing experiences. Ask for advisory support to avoid burnout, bad customer experience, and mediocre results. 

Make happiness your advantage to thrive!

Let’s discuss your goals and our advisory solutions!

As Sparring Partner, I can offer you my support and knowledge on your challenges as they arise. Sometimes I can help you address your doubts or validate your direction in a simple phone call, sometimes with a dedicated session or project. Whether it is defining a new survey, selecting a new provider, or validating the quality of your customer care, chances are I have already addressed that challenge, or I know someone who has, and can quickly and effectively help you. As Advisor, I can support you with projects which require more time and elements. In this case:

  • I start every advisory journey seeded in a deep understanding of your business and customers. 
  • nurture this journey with energy, enthusiasm, and passion.
  • I apply the first four steps of the GROWTH* model so you can harvest the results.

*In the Yellow Factor Book I’ve defined the G.R.O.W.T.H. Model in detail.

Check your HCX Maturity and Happiness Readiness with our Happiness Driven Growth assessment! [TEMPORARILY FREE]




Assessment of your company’s current CX maturity and Happiness readiness.

Getting “grounded” in solid performance data, in the customer persona and journey mapping as well as in actionable VOC (Voice of the Customer), VOE (Voice of Employee), and VOP (Voice of Process).


Expert guidance. On-site interviews, observations, and evaluation.

Ongoing knowledge sharing inspires you to reach your potential and empowers you to drive major change.


Inspired & activated to pursue the next steps, I will support you in orchestrating the DRIVEN way of working.

Step 4: Wow Blossoming

Well-done. You’ve completed the first three steps and it’s time to WOW your customers and employees.

You and your company are now blossoming, making the needed process improvements. It’s time to harvest results.

Method: Measure, Assess, and Analysis with: Happiness Driven Growth Maturity Assessment ®; Company Vision & Brand Promise Canvas; Customer Hierarchy of needs Analysis.

Our proprietary Happiness Contribution™ Factor identifies processes and interactions that contribute the most or the least to customers’ and employees’ happiness and prioritize issues to fix or experiences to duplicate.

Method: In-company training, and knowledge sharing sessions tailored to your needs. Sessions, training, keynotes. Consulting based on frameworks and guidelines.

Method: Customer journey mapping and innovation programs. Creative brainstorming workshops and innovation sessions to find ways to WOW your customers and we write concrete action plans.

Method: You develop and deliver new products, features, and/or services that respond to your customers’ needs. And the company resources are used efficiently thanks to happy processes.

When needed, Rosaria continues to support you through ad hoc advisory, coaching, and inspiring keynotes.


Outcome: Better understanding of your customer needs’ hierarchy and expectations, and how your internal processes are enabled (or not) to meet these needs.


Outcome: Alignment with key internal stakeholders.

New knowledge and competencies for employees.


Outcome: Defined action plans, best organizational set-up for the transformation.

Feeling of involvement and ownership from all employees involved.


Outcome: team’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

Customer and Employee Experiences that are remarkable, memorable, and truly enrich people’s lives.

Happy and efficient processes.


Check your HCX Maturity and Happiness Readiness with our Happiness Driven Growth assessment!

This assessment creates the most value when multiple people at different levels in your organization take it and then we calibrate together results, define shared goals, and prioritize actions accordingly. Get in touch if you would like to have this assessment run at an organizational level with our guidance.

Meet Rosaria, Wow Now Founder

Hi, I’m Rosaria, a (little Italian) sunshine of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. I am an HCX Advisor with 20 years of experience in various industries. In all my roles, my focus has been improving the customer experience. As a result, we’ve achieved higher revenue, loyalty, word of mouth, and even lower costs, ultimately driving profits & business growth!

Clients found my training and advisory services insightful, actionable, and valuable. Yet, I felt there was something more to the Customer Experience. Something was missing. The “Happiness Driven Growth” Model has been my answer to fill the gap.

I now blend my expertise in CX with the Science of Happiness and various modalities to inform and enable professionals for human-centered Happiness Driven Growth.

I would love to help you to be informed, empowered, inspired, and activated. So that you can maximize the happiness of your customers, employees, and society.

Rosaria Cirillo
Speaker, Author, Trainer, Advisor

I understand your challenges and offer bespoke advisory solutions. Work with me!

Client Testimonial

“Rosaria is a very experienced consultant in the customer service area. She focused in a very short time on the real journey of Italian Wolters Kluwer customers, and she was able to address some quick wins to improve the customers’ experience. Besides she gave us the pillars to implement a roadmap of change to allow Italian Customers to become strong promoters of our brand. I really appreciated her assessment and I suggest involving her in your projects in customer service.”

Giovanni Portaluri

Head of Italy Customers and Sales Operations, Wolters Kluwer Italy

“Rosaria has an endless customer focus. Good high-level analysis, while practical (to the point and actionable). This gave us a couple of quick wins that we could implement swiftly after her analysis. When you work on something for too long, you miss out on obvious elements. Rosaria is able to pick them up quickly. Also to be able to draw conclusions while data sets are incomplete.”

Donald Res

CCO, Cleeng

Client Story

Curious about a concrete example? From 2014 to 2019 we have been advising and supporting Elena Brambilla (Legal Software Strategy Director, Wolters Kluwer), who has driven the company journey to become customer-driven, using NPS as a driver for change and the CX 6 disciplines framework as a catalyst for actions and alignment within a large and complex international organization, while also undertaking a significant digital transformation. CX Day initiatives and the Best CX Day Initiative Award during the yearly CX-CEM Leaders’ Summit have become Elena & team’s magic wand to diffuse CX culture across all countries and departments. In this guest post, Elena shares her experience and gives good tips for those facing similar challenges in driving CX transformation and cultural change towards customer-centricity.

When businesses maximize the happiness of the employees, customers, and society, profits and loyalty follow as results. Learn how!

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