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Wow Now CEXP Toolkit series: Ebook 2

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What is this CEXP & NPS Toolkit all about?

Wow Now Ebook series launched in January 2016 with the first e-book  (“Your CEXP and NPS Toolkit Ebook 1: Beginning with your Why”). The awaited second e-book from this series: “Your CEXP and NPS Toolkit Ebook 2: What and How” is available on gumroad


  • Have you ever found yourself thinking “loyalty, customer experience, Net Promoter… all great and interesting, but where should I start?”
  • Are you in customer experience role having recently started the CX journey and needing to create understanding and get buy in from everyone else in the company?
  • Are you challenged to easily find conceptual foundations, statistical evidence and/or best practices references to use to kick start your company conversation and to keep the dialogue going?
  • Are you looking for materials to be easily shared with colleagues who are new to these concepts, to start connecting all different people & functions which touch a part of the customer experience?
  • Are you looking for frameworks and tools that can help you accelerate your CX journey, empowering you to move from data to insight to action to results?


I began Wow Now with a vision to transform the way companies deliver WOW customer experience and happiness, through needs identification, empathy and empowerment. I really believe that this will bring more happiness and authenticity into the world.

This kind of transformation – putting your customer at the heart of everything your company does – is not just a project, it’s a journey. I want to help YOU in this journey, either walking it with you or helping you putting together YOUR journey Toolkit.

Having been in your shoes myself, I know how time consuming can be to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. You need to drive your business and make the change happen, there is not much time to read all the literature out there on customer experience, let alone converting it into nice slides to be shared during your meetings. That’s why I created this practical and concise toolkit just for YOU! The toolkit will be made up of a series of e-books, each covering one or two aspects of Customer Experience and NPS.

This e-book series has been designed around the needs I hear from my clients and the challenges I help them deal with every day. Yet I want them to also address YOUR needs and challenges, so I’m curious to hear from YOU what they are. for the upcoming books the content and focuswill be adjusted based on YOUR feedback.


What are you getting in “Your CEXP and NPS Toolkit Ebook 2: What and How”

Since everything starts with a WHY (or it is more powerful when it does) and then moves into WHAT (so that we can all agree on context and definitions), this Toolkit is also starting from the WHY and the WHAT of:

  • Customer Happiness versus Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Experience
  • NPS (Net Promoter System): as a metric and as driver for change

Beside definitions and concepts on these 3 items, you will find quotes, statistics, best practices references and key triggering questions to help you kick-start your thinking and accelerate your company journey. Would you like to see something different and/or additionally or want to give us feedback on our project? You can help us shape the content of YOUR toolkit providing feedback here.

“Your CEXP and NPS Toolkit Ebook 2: What and How”

After the Why (Ebook 1), it’s time to cover the What and How, empowering you with practical and actionable frameworks to accelerate your CEXP and NPS Journey. Some of the items that featured in this e-book are:

  • What is the difference between Customer Experience and Customer Happiness
  • How do you design a Memorable Customer Experience
  • How do you deliver a Remarkable Customer Experience
  • How can you use NPS as a path to Customer Experience Transformation
  • How can you use NPS as an Organizational Tool to drive change




“Your ability to think along with your customer is amazing. Wow Now-workshops are inspireful, interactive and actionable. I always learn something from you”

Sigrid van Duffel, Customer Loyalty Manager, Wolters Kluwer Belgium

“Rosaria is a inspirational person to work with. She is always thinking of the consumer’s perspective and willing to change any process, no matter how complicated, to improve the consumer experience. She is passionate about the difference that a great consumer experience can make for companies. She spares no effort to analyze a situation and work out the improvements that will make a difference, from strategic to the smallest operational details.”

Laetitia Grammatico, Senior Manager Social Media Consumer Care, Philips

“When I think of Rosaria, I see a ball of energy. Passionate about consumer experience and getting things right, when she puts herself to it, she literally rolls herself around or over obstacles and get things moving in the direction they need to go in. She can do a lot with her passion and dedication.”

Sarah Papamichalis, Corporate Digital Strategy Director, Phillips


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E-books published

    1. Beginning with Why: Grounding Foundations to kick-start your company journey.

Wow Now CEXP Toolkit series: Ebook 2

Get the 2nd Ebook of the series: Empowering you to accelerate your company journey.

Get Ebook 2

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