Yellow Goldfish – Links referenced in the book

Since Simplicity is one of the nine ways we found in which companies can contribute to happiness, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible for you to access all the information you find in the book without each of you having to re-type it. That’s why we compiled this page with a digital list of all the links we have in Yellow Goldfish in the addendum “Additional Inspiration And Recommended Reading” on page 258. 

Listly Yellow Goldfish collection:

Happy songs Spotify playlist:

TEDx Talk Playlist

All the TEDx mentioned in this book and more related to Happiness are available in the YouTube list:



Here just a small selection of trailblazers in each area. Do we miss any other key one? Let us know in the comments!





Advisory & Happiness Programs:


Branding & Community:


Design Thinking:




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