Yellow Goldfish Keynote

Yellow Goldfish is part of the Goldfish Series. On August 23rd, 2018, the authors of the series, led by Stan Phelps, co-author of each book and Series Editor, got together for the yearly “Think Outside The Bowl” Business Strategy Conference in Durham, NC., where they presented the key insights from each book about how to leverage CX, Differentiation, Technology, Purpose, and Happiness to win the hearts and minds of your customers. Below the recordings of the Facebook live stream!

Yellow Goldfish starts at 1:16:00 with the best part of it at 1:30:00! Would you like to have Rosaria deliver a Yellow Goldfish keynote at your company or event? Get in touch with us.

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Below the list of topics and speakers in order of appearance:

Red Goldfish – Graeme Newell on Purpose

Platinum Goldfish – Travis Carson on Sales

Purple Goldfish – Tiffany Dodson on Customer Experience

Green Goldfish – Lauren McGhee on Employee Engagement

Blue Goldfish – Evan Carroll on Technology, Data, and Analytics

Silver Goldfish – Stephanie Scotti on Communication

Yellow Goldfish – Rosaria Cirillo Louwman on Happiness

Gray Goldfish – Brian Doyle on Leadership

Pink Goldfish – Stan Phelps on Differentiation

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