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Our Voice of Customers: what our customers say about us

What our customers valued most about Rosaria advisory or inspire sessions:

The ability to adjust to the topics we are most interested in, provide best practice examples on these topics and tailor them on our business and what we could do to achieve our goals. I consider your session one of the most useful training we’ve had. We can actually pick a list of things we want to change, improve, discard, implement and we also have been provided with the right methodology to go ahead with these changes.

Themis Karathanos, Customer Insights Analyst at UBM plc


Your ability to think along with your customer is amazing. Wow Now-workshops are inspireful, interactive and actionable. I always learn something from you

Sigrid van Duffel, Customer Loyalty Manager, Wolters Kluwer Belgium


The dedication, the methodology to perform the deep dive into our existing program were perfect and allow us to drive insightful conclusions

Benedicte Guichard, CMO Cleeng


Your endless customer focus. Good high level analysis, while practical (to the point and actionable). This gave us a couple of quick wins that we could implement swiftly after her analysis. When you work on something for too long, you miss out on obvious elements. Rosaria is able to pick them up quickly. Also to be able to draw conclusions while data sets are incomplete.

Donald Res, COO Cleeng


Rosaria is a very experienced consultant in customer service area. She focused in a very short time the real journey of Italian Wolters Kluwer customers and she was able to address some quick wins to improve the customers experience. Besides she gave us the pillars to implement a roadmap of change to allow Italian Customers to become strength promoters of our brand. I really appreciated her assessment and I suggest to involve her in your projects in customers service area.

Giovanni Portaluri, Head of Italy Customers and Sales Operations, Wolters Kluwer Italy

What participants say about our Customer Experience Masterclass:

Useful, learningful, fun

Anneke Rijk, Nutricia

Inspiring, concrete, energizing

Erik Triepels, DPL

Useful and high level content by two powerful, energetic and wise trainers

Sarah van der Wiel, KPN

Energizing, Actionable, Inspiring

Bo Lakic, KPN

 What former colleagues have said about Rosaria.

Rosaria is a inspirational person to work with. She is always thinking of the consumer’s perspective and willing to change any process, no matter how complicated, to improve the consumer experience.
She is passionate about the difference that a great consumer experience can make for companies. She spares no effort to analyze a situation and work out the improvements that will make a difference, from strategic to the smallest operational details.

Laetitia Grammatico, Senior Manager Social Media Consumer Care, Philips


When I think of Rosaria, I see a ball of energy. Passionate about consumer experience and getting things right, when she puts herself to it, she literally rolls herself around or over obstacles and get things moving in the direction they need to go in. She can do a lot with her passion and dedication.

Sarah Papamichalis, Digital Consumer Marketing Director, Philips


Rosaria is a very knowledgeable and driven consumer management professional. She works with a lot of passion, and puts the consumers interests first, still finding innovative ways to manage more efficiently the consumer relationships. I love her motto “No service is best service”, particularly relevant with ebusiness operations where consumer satisfaction should be the primary focus

Gilles Domartini, VP Online, Philips

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