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Have “employee well-being, retention, and burnout prevention” suddenly become your strategic priorities?

Are you relentlessly trying to improve Customer Experience and still missing excellence?

We are familiar with these challenges.


Learn how to design and deliver remarkable and enriching HCX Customer Experiences.


Develop HCX “Human-Centric, Heart-Centered and Happiness-Contributing Experience” leadership skills.


Create resilience and prevent burn-out with happiness booster habits. Increase energy and motivation.

Make happiness your advantage to thrive! Work with us!

Here’s how we help CX and EX Teams and Leadership


Accelerate your journey with a trusted Sparring Partner & Advisor in CX management

Harvest results with our 4 Step ADVISORY program. Let us help you G.R.O.W.: Ground; Reach up; Operationalize; Wow Blossom.

AREAS: Customer and Employee Experience; Happiness Driven Growth.


Lighten up your next company event with an inspirational and fun keynote.

Create instant wins for employees with higher energy and motivation.

TOPICS: Happiness Driven Growth in Life and in Business, Emotions 101, Laughter Yoga

Sessions & Playshops

Give your team fun learning experiences with proven tools based on the Science of Happiness.

Ignite their energy with actionable, inspiring, and practical knowledge.

TOPICS: Customer and Employee Experience, Customer Care, Positive Psychology.

ACTIVITIES: Laughter Yoga, Uppiness Game,  Intuitive Painting


Learn how to thrive with “Happiness Driven Growth” in Business.

Enable your company to deliver remarkable and enriching experiences.

TOPICS: Customer and Employee Experience, Design Thinking and Innovation; Stress Management, Resilience, Joy Blaster; Positive Psychology and Happiness Leadership.

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When businesses maximize the happiness of the employees, customers and society, profits and loyalty follow as results. Learn how!

Meet Rosaria, Wow Now Founder

Hi, I’m Rosaria, a (little Italian) sunshine of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. I’m an HCX Advisor, Certified Happiness Trainer, Speaker, and Author with a mission to bring more happiness in the world one interaction at a time!

I know the professional and personal struggles many professionals are going through currently. Going through burnout and mental health issues was a huge challenge for me. Learning the Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology, Laughter Yoga, and Intuitive Painting have been game-changers for my well-being.

Based on the years of CX practice, lengthy research, learning, reflection, and co-authoring the Yellow Factor book, I have created a new business model, that I call “Happiness Driven Growth”. I’ve introduced this Model during a Tedx Talk in 2016.

Now I help companies maximize the happiness of their employees, customers, and society.

Sustainable profits and loyalty follow as a result.

Client Testimonial

“Rosaria’s ability to think along with her customer is amazing. Wow Now workshops are inspiring, interactive and actionable.

I always learn something from her”

Sigrid van Duffel

Customer Loyalty & Engagement Manager, Wolters Kluwer

“I consider your session one of the most useful training we’ve had. We can actually pick a list of things we want to change, improve, discard, implement and we also have been provided with the right methodology to go ahead with these changes.”

Themis Karathanos

Head of Customer Insights, Informa Markets (formerly UBM)

Let’s bring happiness and prosperity to your business! Work with us!

Always-available contribution to more happiness in your business and life


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