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Welcome! I’m Rosaria Cirillo Louwman, Italian, passionate and enthusiastic mother of two boys, married to a Dutch, living in the Netherlands since 2002 and founder of Wow Now since 2013. Author of Yellow Goldfish book.

You can read more about this blog here. In short, it will cover three main areas and many of their sub-areas:

1. Happiness in business, Customer Experience, CXPA, and all things Net Promoter – NPS journey
2. Inspiration & Personal Growth, mostly about Non-Violent Communication, Mindfulness & Creativity

I hope your reading here will be meaningful and valuable to you and I look forward to starting a conversation with you about it, so please leave a comment with your point of view. Smiling regards, Rosaria

NPS Methodology Series: When to use NPS and with who

In this third post of the NPS series we talk about five questions you need to answer to decide if NPS is the correct methodology for the Customer Understanding you are looking to gain, and also who to survey to gain said understanding, so that you can create the program that most makes sense and brings value to your specific context & needs, and/or gradually expand it with new surveys, and surveying larger or different company segments.

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NPS as Measurement Series: What and Which Survey

When deciding about deploying a Net Promoter System, several questions such as Why, What, When and How of an NPS program come up. In this second delivery of the NPS as Measurement Series we talk about the different types of NPS measurements you can use to expand the program with new surveys, and surveying larger numbers or different company segments.

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TEDx Talk: The WHY of Happiness Driven Growth

In April 2016 I was invited to give a talk at TedxTorvergataU, the University I graduated from, which had the theme “New Models of Life. Resist the Usual. Be Unexpected”. I spoke about Happiness Driven Growth, a revolutionary business model that companies can and should pursue, and a concept that I have been championing for quite some time now. Today I can happily share with you the video of the talk which has just been published on the Tedx channel.

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Obama, Trump & Dakota pipeline: 3 CX Lessons

From Obama to Trump through the Dakota pipeline: the opportunities organizations used or missed to connect with their customers and the key lessons you can take and apply in your company With so much going on in the last month, it has been hard deciding where to put...

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Enabling Customer Experience Excellence using Wow Now NPS & CEXP household (c)

NPS (and other VOC programs) really makes a difference when is used as a driver for change, rather than as mere metric. To use NPS to drive change towards customer experience excellence, you need the involvement of everyone in the company and a specific set-up both towards the outside and within the organization. NPS & CEXP Household is a framework developed by Wow Now to help you accelerate your journey towards Customer Experience Excellence

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Customer Experience quick review of… Het Scheepvaartmuseum

This post opens and is part of the “Experience quick review” series, which will be about the experiences I live as customer. The feedback I provide here about the Experience, while reflective of years of knowledge and expertise in the field of designing and delivering Customer Experience, is given in a quick & (hopefully at times) fun way, meant to show the Customer perspective, to inspire and to trigger further thinking. The Summary part provides a quick review using my professional criteria’s, hence reflects the consultant view more than the customer view.

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My take on Branded Customer Experience Management methodology by Sampson Lee

This post expresses my personal take on the Branded Customer Experience Methodology by Sampson Lee, where I think it works and where I believe it fails. We can multiply companies resources by delivering exceptional experiences and delivering happiness to customers and employees, rather than designing for pain. Ultimately it’s about choosing in which world we would rather live in and then start building it.

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About Me

My mission is to bring more happiness into the world by removing frustrations and inefficiencies that happen during customer-company interactions and by creating & delivering WOW experiences instead. I believe that "happiness is when what we think, what we say, what we do, what we feel, and WHAT WE EXPERIENCE are in harmony", hence I want to make our experiences as customers and employees have the highest contribution possible to our happiness.

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