Wow Now DREAM is to live in a world where we all strive to have HAPPY INTERACTIONS with each other, life enriching interactionsWow Now is about bringing more happiness in the word by removing frustrations and inefficiencies that happen during customer-company interactions and by creating & delivering WOW experiences instead. You can learn more about this vision regarding happiness here in this TEDx talk “The Why of Happiness Driven Growth” which I gave at TorVergata University in Rome.

Wow Now was founded by Rosaria Cirillo Louwman with a vision to transform the way companies deliver WOW customer experience and happiness, through needs identification, empathy and empowerment. This kind of transformation – putting customer & employees happiness at the heart of everything your company does – is not just a project, it’s a journey.

Let us travel the journey with you, accelerating your pace and empowering you with actionable insights and inspiring workshops.

Wow Now Visual Story

Wow Now Story in words

My passion for customer experience dates back to 2002, when pioneers Bruce Temkin & Harley Manning introduced the concept to the business community through Forrester report “Focus on Customer Experience, not CRM”. My Master’s thesis discussed in depth the new concept of Customer Experience (CEXP) and explained why CRM is just a tool to deliver CEXP.

And so began 12+ years of study, research and work in the consumer experience field: at Forrester with a host of client companies; at Adobe’s outsourced contact center Stream; at Philips in e-commerce and global consumer care experiences. Fuelled by a passion to transform the way business sees customer experience, I stepped up the pace in December 2013, and Wow Now was born.

This is the beginning of a very exciting journey for me; I hope you will travel by my side. I would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to contact me.

Wow Now helps companies to fully understand their customers’ needs, bringing them a Wow experience right Now. A mix of expert knowledge, empathy, mindfulness, and compassionate connection is delivered through training, consulting, frameworks and workshops. Wow Now brings authenticity and inspirational energy to the process, kick-starting your own, powerful customer happiness engine.


Why the name Wow Now?

The combination Wow Now is representing two elements I strongly believe in:

  • Wow: Customer experience is the best competitive advantage you’ve got; the most durable and the most difficult to replicate. You’ve got to be customer-centric to survive. You’ve got to WOW your customers. If we all strive to WOW each other, we ultimately make life more wonderful and enjoyable for us all.
  • Now: Welcome to the Age of the Customer. In the last few years everything has changed, and if you’ve not changed with it, NOW is the time. It’s a continuous process, so if you’ve made any mistakes along the way, I’m here to help you put things right NOW. And it’s also about the here and NOW, mindful of each emotion along the way for both parties of the interaction, customer and employee.
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  • Experience 100% 100%
  • Happiness 100% 100%
  • Net Promoter Score 100% 100%

Why this Logo?

Think inside out and outside in. Your core purpose lies at the center of the circle, your employees in the middle ring and your customers on the outer ring. The ripples need to move in both directions.

The sound-waves on the right? Listen carefully to your customers and to your employees.

Put it all together and the circle is complete.

Why this Tagline?

We have actually been challenged a while to find a tagline that fully expresses what we believe in and what we help companies with. In the first 2 years we had the taglines “Happy Customers. Happy Business” and “Customer Happiness Engine”, then “Customer Driven Growth”, finally we decided for “Happiness Driven Growth“.

We believe companies need to improve people lives and contribute to both customers and employees happiness; happiness should be the ultimate goal of designing and delivering WOW customer, while business growth and profit will follow as result. The main challenge holding us back from proposing an “Happiness Driven Growth” was measurement, so we are working on enabling an “Happiness Contribution” measure. More about this to follow soon.

Why the colorful background?

Because becoming customer-obsessed at every level of your organization requires a major transformation. It must permeate the way you think, and everything you do. I help you to make that colorful transition.

And because adding color makes everything more beautiful and enjoyable, it helps create space for creativity and innovative thinking.

It’s just more fun and joy for the eye, isn’t it?

Why all these Why’s?

Well… we clearly seem to have a thing for the “Why” question, especially on this page. We believe that everything can start with a simple question “why?” and that, when it does, the actions that follow are grounded and powered by what we truly believe in. Actions driven from a why within can only lead to happiness and success. And what about you? What is your WHY? 

Find out more about our Why in our recent talk at TedxTorvergataU or read more about the Why of Customer Experience and Happiness in our free ebook.

After the Whys, more on the What: our Vision, Mission and Values


Customers (& employees) happiness is the most healthy, profitable & rewarding path to growth for any business. Companies can transform the way they connect with their customers to deliver WOW customer experience & happiness through needs identification, empathy and empowerment.


I want to bring more happiness in the world by making the world a more customer-friendly place.

I help companies deliver Wow customer experiences with products and services molded to customer needs.


  • Customer-Centricity – Customer-centricity lies at the heart of what I do. I strive to fully understand and identify with my clients’ customers; from there we can prioritize those customers’ needs and expectations, winning their loyalty and word of mouth advocacy. Sometimes this means helping my clients to recognize that their customers are currently the wrong match for their product or service.
  • People & Empathy – The secret to a Wow customer experience is very simple, but also very complex: connecting with people. For that connection, you need empathy. Empathy is the key – at every level – to understanding and connecting your business, customers and employees. Ultimately, empathy is the key to customer happiness.

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