Welcome on my blog!

I’m Rosaria Cirillo Louwman, Italian, passionate and enthusiastic mother of two kids, married to a Dutch man and living in the Netherlands since 2002.

I have been passionate about consumer technology ever since I can remember, having my first pseudo-pc already in 1985 and printing out Christmas cards from a friend’s Mac already in 1987.

Having studied Business and Economics in Torvergata, Rome, I came to the Netherlands in 2002 for an internship at Forrester Research, the leading research and consultancy company on the intersection between marketing, technology and business (mission in 2002).

I totally felt in love with the company, the analysts and all of the research on themes I loved and was so passionate about, and most of all I loved the brand new concept of consumer experience. I started writing my master thesis on “Consumer Experience as new competitive advantage”, got myself a permanent job as “Sales Executive” (starting Forrester direct presence on the Italian market) and never left Netherlands ever since (except to go discussing my thesis and get my Master degree, for business meetings and  holidays, that is). You can read more about my professional experience on LinkedIn and my microblogging on Twitter.

This blog comes – finally – after 12 years of study, research and direct experience in the consumer experience field – from Forrester & the many companies I worked with while there, to the contact center of Adobe to the e-commerce  and the global consumer care experience in Philips.

It’s the beginning for me of a very exciting journey that I hope you will walk with me and I look forward to reading any contribution or comment you would like to share on the posts in this blog.

It will cover three main areas and many of their sub-areas:

1. consumer experience –> this is what I worked on, what I lived and breathed for the past 12 years and counting

  • Voice of the customer (VOC) in all its side and, specifically, Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • From traditional Marketing funnel and to McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, and the specific role of After-Sales in each of them
  • Persona design and consumer journey mapping
  • Consumer loyalty, loyalty cards and CRM programs
  • WOW experience and Ouch experience
  • Best practices examples

2. Digital –> this is what I’m so fascinated by and passionate about, what I read and know lot about from personal experience

  • Digital media (as wide as that is)
  • Mobile and mobile applications
  • Interesting start-up
  • Consumer and technology innovation

3. Mindfulness –> this is something relatively new in my life, something which I started at beginning of 2013 and I that I believe can not only improve everyone search for happiness, but can also have incredible applications to consumer experience and companies efforts to pursuit the change management required to build and deliver amazing consumer experiences. Under this area, I will cover topics such as:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Non Violent Communication and the real meaning of Empathy
  • How to pursuit Empathy with your consumers and between your employee

Looking forward to travelling this blog journey together,

yours Rosaria

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