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In May 2016 I gave a Tedx talk at Tor Vergata in Rome, the University I graduated from with a Master in Business Economics in 2002. TedxTorvergataU 2016 had the theme “New Models of Life. Resist the Usual. Be Unexpected”.

I spoke about Happiness Driven Growth, a revolutionary business model that companies can and should pursue, and a concept that I have been championing for quite some time now. Today I can happily share with you the video of the talk which has just been published on the Tedx channel.

Revenue & growth are consequences of customer choices, which are driven by their happiness. So why is it that when it comes to business & customers, our goal is to maximise loyalty and profit rather than to maximise overall happiness, of customers and employees?

When companies focus on improving Customer Experience, they achieve higher revenue, loyalty, word of mouth, and even lower costs, ultimately driving profits & business growth. What if these benefits could be boosted thanks to a more meaningful purpose?

Happiness Driven Growth business model is the answer.

Watch my TEDx talk where I elaborate about why companies should have a growth model driven by happiness, instead of one based on loyalty and profit.

Now looking forward to hearing from you… Does my message resonates with you? Which world would you rather live in?

Let us know in the comments and let’s get a conversation started.

* Sharing is happiness. If my message resonates with you, please help me share it and let’s start building together the world we wish to live in. Thank you!

**  If you would like to know more about how to pursue Happiness Driven Growth in your company or would like us to deliver an engaging talk about it at your event, get in touch.

*** If you would like a preview into the “Why, What and How of Happiness Driven Growth”, check out our new booklet here.

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