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Welcome in my digital house. My name is Rosaria Cirillo Louwman. I’m a (little Italian) ball of energy, enthusiasm and passion. I’m curious and hungry to learn and I truly enjoy to make connections between ideas generated from all my different learning. I’m a driven consumer experience professional and TEDx Speaker. rosaria-cirillo-certified-customer-experience-professional-

My DREAM is to live in a world where we all strive to have HAPPY INTERACTIONS with each other, life enriching interactions.

To turn this dream into reality, in 2013 I founded Wow Now. Wow Now is about bringing more happiness in the word by helping companies:

  • to see and remove all the frustrations and inefficiencies that happen during customer-company interactions
  • to identifycreate & deliver WOW experiences instead. 

I’m on a mission to fill the world with as many as possible WOW customer experiences. I pursue this mission helping companies’ employees (YOU?) understand how every choice or action they make has a final impact on the customer experience, by letting them see the customer experiences they provide just as their customers see, feel and live them. And then by helping them transform the way they deliver customer experience and happiness through customers’ needs identification, empathy, creativity and (employees) empowerment. I believe in the power of mindfulness, compassionate communication (NVC – Non Violent Communication) and intuitive painting as empowering tools.

My key areas of expertise are Voice of the Customer, Net Promoter Score/System, Customer Service and E-commerce.

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We help you transform the way your company delivers customer experience through needs identification, empathy and empowerment.
This kind of transformation – putting your customer at the heart of everything your company does – is not just a project, it’s a journey. Let me take you on that journey.

Wow Now 4 Steps Program

CX Framework series: #2 Customer Understanding

In this second post of the CX Framework series, we discuss a critical CX element: understanding your customers’ emotions and (buying) behaviour. This blog series contains highlights about all the 6 CX disciplines covered in the CX Masterclass delivered by Rosaria Cirillo and Nienke Bloem and that represent the CXPA Framework around which the CCXP exam is structured.

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CX Framework series: #1 Customer Experience Strategy

The CX Framework series contains highlights about all the 6 CX disciplines covered in the CX Masterclass delivered by Rosaria Cirillo and Nienke Bloem. The CCXP exam is structured around this CXPA CX Framework. In this first post of the series we dive into the CX Strategy which is fundamental when it comes to creating great customer experience

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Global CX Day, October 3rd

CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. This event was started 5 years ago by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).
In 2017 we celebrate CX Day on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, and in The Netherlands we have a very Dutch celebration at the SS Rotterdam. Join us!

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NPS Methodology Series: When to use NPS and with who

In this third post of the NPS series we talk about five questions you need to answer to decide if NPS is the correct methodology for the Customer Understanding you are looking to gain, and also who to survey to gain said understanding, so that you can create the program that most makes sense and brings value to your specific context & needs, and/or gradually expand it with new surveys, and surveying larger or different company segments.

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NPS as Measurement Series: What and Which Survey

When deciding about deploying a Net Promoter System, several questions such as Why, What, When and How of an NPS program come up. In this second delivery of the NPS as Measurement Series we talk about the different types of NPS measurements you can use to expand the program with new surveys, and surveying larger numbers or different company segments.

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Rosaria is a inspirational person to work with.  She is always thinking of the consumer’s perspective and willing to change any process, no matter how complicated, to improve the consumer experience.  She is passionate about the difference that a great consumer experience can make for companies. She spares no effort to analyze a situation and work out the improvements that will make a difference, from strategic to the smallest operational details. Laetitia Grammatico

Senior Manager Social Media Consumer Care, Philips

When I think of Rosaria, I see a ball of energy. Passionate about consumer experience and getting things right, when she puts herself to it, she literally rolls herself around or over obstacles and get things moving in the direction they need to go in. She can do a lot with her passion and dedication. Sarah Papamichalis

Corporate Digital Strategy Director, Phillips

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