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Just as I believe customer experience is the best way to give you a competitive advantage while bringing more happiness into the world (what we call “Happiness Driven Growth”), I also believe that collaboration is the best way to generate value and innovation, while having fun and contributing to each other’s growth. It is with great pride that I introduce you to Wow Now’s Network of  highly qualified professionals.

If you also love the Wow Now value proposition and have a project we could work together on, or you have a tool or software that supports better customer understanding and customer experiences delivery, I would love to hear from you today!

Danny Peters

Danny is the founder of Conexperience and has been working in the world of Customer Experience Management for over 15 years. He started optimising customer processes in contact centers and has become one of the Dutch’s most appreciated specialists in customer experience and improvement. Danny has developed a thoughtful methodology that in 6 steps enables you to enter into a lifelong relationship with your customer. His first book (in the making), “Flirting to eternal loyalty – Customer Experience in Six Steps”, explains Danny’s vision that a customer relationship can work like a human relationship, in which the partners build and trust each other. Rosaria and Danny have joined hands in several customer journey mapping projects for clients in a variety of industries and in the creation of a customer journey mapping certification program. They are also proud co-founders of CXPA in NL.

Carmen Phillips

Carmen is the founder of On Purpose Management which provides coaching, training and advice on management issues such as purpose, leadership, customer experience, journey mapping and leading change. Her approach is positively disruptive, ensuring that no one loses sight of the ‘bigger picture’, the customers’ perspective, or their own purpose. This also ensures sustainable business results, organisational learning, and that everyone is aware of their own contribution.

Originally from England, Carmen lived briefly in Spain before moving to The Netherlands. She has worked for a broad variety of industries from insurance, automotive, consumer electronics, marketing, energy to non-profit. Carmen holds a Henley Business School MBA and lectures at Beeckestijn business school on purposeful leadership and customer experience and at NIMA on purpose discovery in leadership. Rosaria and Carmen are joining forces around the design of a new series of workshops around Happiness Driven Growth. More news on this coming in 2018: watch this space.

Jaap Wilms

Jaap is founder of Wilms ‘n zo! a business specialised in supporting (international) companies bringing their Voice of the Customer (VoC) and NPS Programmes to the next level. As former Head of Global NPS for leading insurer NN Group (former ING), Jaap designed and led NPS in 13 countries across Europe and Asia. Jaap draws from a wide range of best practices, expertise and experience from his corporate role. And he couples it with novel, surprising and unusual insights. With it, Jaap supports you how to approach customer feedback, how to set up successful programmes and how to engage your organisation. Currently, Wilms ‘n zo! inspires and supports VoC and NPS Programmes for clients like Baloise, Vivat, E.ON and KPN. Jaap also happens to be a speaker, Art Historian and he loves anchovies, roquefort and coffee, although not mixed. Rosaria and Jaap have joined hands in NPS Programme Management projects and inspirational workshops for clients in a variety of industries.


Nienke Bloem MBA, CCXP

Nienke is often called the Customer Experience Guru. She is a keynote speaker on Customer Centricity and inspires audiences with best practices and proven methodologies. In addition to being a public speaker, she is a trusted advisor for boards and is co-founder of the Customer Experience Game. With her 23 years’ experience in strategic change management positions within telecom, CX, financial and IT businesses, she knows how large corporate organizations work. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and loves to help you become a better Customer Experience Pro.

The CX Masterclass, already in its second year, has been designed and presented together by Rosaria Cirillo and Nienke Bloem, both CXPA ART (Authorized Resource Trainers), 2 out of 8 ART worldwide.


Kathy van de Laar CCXP

Kathy is an experienced consultant and change manager specialized in customer centricity and customer experience. She works with large corporates to help them understand their customers and to adapt to the challenges in an omni-channel world.

Kathy built her career in the US working with companies like AT&T, Merck and IBM. A Dutch husband brought her to Amsterdam where she founded EarlyBridge, a consulting and training bureau focused on driving customer-centered change and winner of several Customer Experience awards. As founding partner, she continues to consult and lead change projects, and teach at Dutch business schools.
Rosaria and Kathy have worked together to design and deliver training for a contact center in Tirana, Albania, focused on improving both functional and emotional communication skills. They are also proud co-founders of CXPA in N

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